Social Direction

Main tasks:

  • Analysis of legislative initiatives on labor relations
  • Participation of representatives of the Confederation in collective bargaining and individual labor disputes
  • Taking prompt measures to prevent and reduce conflicts between employers and employees
  • Development of social dialogue with the representatives of government bodies, employees at the republican, sectoral and regional levels
  • Lobbying and advocacy of the interests of the members of the Confederation in the legislative and executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Development of dialogue with representatives of workers at the sectoral level
  • Proactive participation in the legislative activities
  • Preparation of analytical materials on the regulation of social and labor relations
  • Implementation of the UN ILO programs and other international agreements. Development of new international relations.
  • Interaction with the ILO to study international law enforcement practice and feasibility of its implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Identification of problematic issues of the members of the Confederation in the format of the implementation of social partnership